Human amniotic fluid contains fibroblast-pneumonocyte factor.

  title={Human amniotic fluid contains fibroblast-pneumonocyte factor.},
  author={William D. Seybold and Barry T. Smith},
  journal={Early human development},
  volume={4 4},
We have studied 41 samples of human amniotic fluid collected at 27-40 wk gestation. After 'stripping' with Florisil, most fluids studied stimulated [3H] choline incorporation into saturated phosphatidylcholine by human fetal alveolar Type II cells. The activity declined with advancing gestation and was inversely related to cell number following incubation. Following acid-ethanol extraction, activity eluted from Sephadex G75 columns in 1 M acetic acid with a Kd of approximately equal to 0.4-0.6… CONTINUE READING

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