Human aging and longevity are characterized by high levels of mitokines.

  title={Human aging and longevity are characterized by high levels of mitokines.},
  author={Maria Conte and Rita Ostan and C. Fabbri and Aurelia Santoro and Giulia Guidarelli and Giovanni Vitale and Daniela Mari and Federica Sevini and Miriam Capri and Marco Sandri and Daniela Monti and Claudio Franceschi and Stefano Salvioli},
  journal={The journals of gerontology. Series A, Biological sciences and medical sciences},
Mitochondrial stress elicits the production of stress response molecules indicated as mitokines, including FGF21, GDF15 and Humanin (HN). Many diseases are characterized by progressive mitochondrial dysfunction with alterations of mitokine secretion. It is still controversial whether healthy aging and extreme longevity are accompanied by altered production of mitokines. We analyzed FGF21, HN and GDF15 plasma levels in 693 subjects aged from 21 to 113 years, and the association of these… CONTINUE READING
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