Human-Robot Interaction through 3D Vision and Force Control

  title={Human-Robot Interaction through 3D Vision and Force Control},
  author={Aleksandar Jevtic and Guillaume Doisy and Sasa Bodiroza and Yael Edan and Verena V. Hafner},
  journal={2014 9th ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction (HRI)},
The video shows the interaction with a customized Kompa\"{i} robot. The robot consists of the Robosoft's robuLAB10 platform, tablet PC, and a Microsoft Kinect camera mounted on a pan-tilt system. A visual control algorithm provides continuous person tracking. The newly developed robot features include gesture recognition, person following, navigation with pointing, and force control, which were integrated with the Robosoft's robuBOX SDK and the Karto SLAM algorithms. The video demonstrates all… CONTINUE READING