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Je vous écris au nom de Human Rights Watch au sujet de votre visite en Afrique, afin de vous encourager à soulever un certain nombre de questions relatives aux droits humains que nous estimons être des préoccupations communes. Bien que l’Église catholique et Human Rights Watch abordent le respect pour les droits humains à partir de différents points de vue, nous pensons que nous partageons un grand nombre de points communs et de nombreuses valeurs. 
Roadblock Ethnography: Negotiating Humanitarian Access in Ituri, Eastern Dr Congo, 1999–2004
Abstract Based on field research carried out in 2004, this article focuses on how Ituribased Congolese relief workers negotiate humanitarian access with roadblock militias. Experiences andExpand
Discrimination History, Backlash Fear, and Ethnic Identity Among Arab Americans: Post-9/11 Snapshots
The authors examined discrimination history, backlash fear, and ethnic identity of Arab Americans nationally at 3 times, beginning shortly after September 11, 2001. Relations between variables wereExpand
Quality circles and human rights: tackling the universalism and cultural relativism divide
Quality Circles based on institutions and technology, and the collaboration they encourage, provide one such means for groups to take co-ownership of human rights, and is required for states to facilitate rather than undermine and censor these processes. Expand
Money, Morals, and Human Rights: Commercial Influe nces in the Marketing, Branding, and Fundraising of Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch
ii Acknowledgments iii Table of Contents iv List of Figures vi List of Appendices vii Introduction 1 Purpose 1 Methodology 3 Chapter Breakdown 6 Chapter 1: The Historical Development of InternationalExpand
Immigration Control as a (False) Security Measure
US immigration policy as defined during the administration of George W. Bush was the result of a moral panic against two categories of immigrants: Latin Americans who cross the Mexican borderExpand
Networks of noncompliance: grassroots resistance and sovereignty in militarised Burma
This paper examines repression and state–society conflict in Burma through the lens of rural and urban resistance strategies. It explores networks of noncompliance through which civilians evade andExpand
A Queer(er) Genocide Studies
This paper examines how queerness interacts with and is implicated in traditional genocides, i.e. those directed at racial, religious, national, and ethnic groups - the groups defined as protectedExpand
Human Rights Through The Lens: A Study of the Institutionalization and Professionalization of Video Activism
This dissertation examines the institutional environments in which human rights video activism takes shape. Looking at how three leading human rights groups produce and use video—AmnestyExpand
Telling the stories of others: claims of authenticity in human rights reporting and comics journalism
ABSTRACT There are various intermediaries bearing witness to distant conflicts and atrocities. They travel to distant parts of the world to collect different kinds of evidence and stories, motivatedExpand
Contagious Animosity in the Field: Evidence from the Federal Criminal Justice System
We investigate whether increased animosity toward Muslims after 9/11 had spillover effects on Black and Hispanic individuals in the federal criminal justice system. Using linked administrative dataExpand


Juveniles in Adult Prisons and Jails: A National Assessment. Monograph.
As the findings of this study show, there are important steps to take now to improve the well-being of juvenile offenders in adult facilities and to ensure the safety and care of young offenders who interact with adult offenders. Expand
New rules for victims of armed conflicts
BRILL Phone (NL) +31 (0)71-53 53 500 Phone (US) +1-617-263-2323 Email: It is a major cultural achievement that violence in armed conflicts is restrained by international legalExpand
Reckless behavior in adolescence: A developmental perspective
Abstract A developmental theory of reckless behavior among adolescents is presented, in which sensation seeking and adolescent egocentrism are especially prominent factors. Findings from studies ofExpand
Kosovo's road to war
More than a decade after Slobodan Milosevic rode the Kosovo issue to the pinnacle of state power, the Yugoslav president remains more powerful than ever. The cost has included the destruction of theExpand
Processing of the Arousal of Subliminal and Supraliminal Emotional Stimuli by the Human Amygdala
The results provide support for the hypothesis that the left and right amygdalae subserve different functions in emotion processing: the left may decode the arousal signaled by the specific stimulus, whereas the right may provide a global level of autonomic activation triggered automatically by any arousing stimulus. Expand
War and mortality in Kosovo, 1998–99: an epidemiological testimony
Raising awareness among the international humanitarian community of the increased risk of mortality from war-related trauma among men of 50 years and older in some settings is an urgent priority, and establishing evacuation programmes to assist older people to find refuge may prevent loss of life. Expand
Brain development, gender and IQ in children. A volumetric imaging study.
Normal brain development during childhood is a complex and dynamic process for which detailed scientific information is lacking. MRI techniques, combined with methods for advanced image analysis,Expand
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101 Letter from Gregory C. to Human Rights Watch, Colorado State Penitentiary
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