Human RECQL5 overcomes thymidine-induced replication stress.

  title={Human RECQL5 overcomes thymidine-induced replication stress.},
  author={Rachel Blundred and Katie Myers and Thomas Helleday and Alastair S. H. Goldman and Helen E Bryant},
  journal={DNA repair},
  volume={9 9},
Accurate DNA replication is essential to genome integrity and is controlled by five human RecQ helicases, of which at least three prevent cancer and ageing. Here, we have studied the role of RECQL5, which is the least characterised of the five human RecQ helicases. We demonstrate that overexpressed RECQL5 promotes survival during thymidine-induced slowing of replication forks in human cells. The RECQL5 protein relocates specifically to stalled replication forks and suppresses thymidine-induced… CONTINUE READING

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