Human N-acetylation genotype determination with urinary caffeine metabolites.

  title={Human N-acetylation genotype determination with urinary caffeine metabolites.},
  author={A J Kilbane and Lawrence K. Silbart and Melvin Manis and Inese Z. Beitins and Wendell W. Weber},
  journal={Clinical pharmacology and therapeutics},
  volume={47 4},
The human acetylation genotype was determined by measuring urinary caffeine metabolites by use of a modification of a previously published HPLC method. The problem of separation of 7-methylxanthine (7X) from 1-methyluric acid (IU) in urine extracts was achieved by adding a phenyl column, in tandem with a C18 reverse-phase column, by means of a methanol:aqueous acetic acid gradient elution system. The urinary molar ratios of (AAMU)/(AAMU + 1U + 1X) and (AAMU)/(1X) were estimated in 20 subjects… CONTINUE READING


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