Human Migration in the Era of Climate Change

  title={Human Migration in the Era of Climate Change},
  author={Cristina Cattaneo and Michel Beine and Christiane Fr{\"o}hlich and Dominic Kniveton and Inmaculada Mart{\'i}nez‐Zarzoso and Marina Mastrorillo and Katrin Millock and Etienne Piguet and Benjamin Schraven},
  journal={Review of Environmental Economics and Policy},
  pages={189 - 206}
Migration is one response to climatic stress and shocks. In this article we review the recent literature across various disciplines on the effects of climate change on migration. We explore key features of the relationship between climate change and migration, distinguishing between fast-onset and slow-onset climatic events and examining the causes of heterogeneity in migratory responses to climate events. We also seek to shed light on the interactions between different types of adaptations to… 
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It is found that exposure to monthly temperature shocks has the most consistent effects on migration relative to monthly rainfall shocks and gradual changes in climate over multi-year periods.