Human Leptospirosis Trends, the Netherlands, 1925–2008

  title={Human Leptospirosis Trends, the Netherlands, 1925–2008},
  author={Marga G. A. Goris and Kimberly Rachel Boer and Tamara A.T.E. Duarte and Suzanne J. Kliffen and Rudy A. Hartskeerl},
  booktitle={Emerging infectious diseases},
To increase knowledge of leptospirosis in the Netherlands and identify changing trends of this disease over time, we analyzed historical passive surveillance reports for an 84-year period (1925-2008). We found that 2,553 mainly severe leptospirosis cases were diagnosed (average annual incidence rate 0.25 cases/100,000 population). The overall case-fatality rate for patients with reported leptospirosis was 6.5% but decreased over the period, probably because of improved treatment. Ninety percent… CONTINUE READING