• Geography
  • Published 1990

Human Impact Assessment on Mangrove Forests of Andaman Islands

  title={Human Impact Assessment on Mangrove Forests of Andaman Islands},
  author={Virendra Pratap Singh and L. P. Mall and A. Garge and Suman M. Pathak},
A comparative study of disturbed and undisturbed mangrove forests of Andaman has been done. It was noted that mangrove forests of Andaman Islands are one of the best mangrove forests of the world having high floristic richness, complexity index and biomass production. Rapid development and population inflow in the Islands has resulted in the clearance of certain areas of mangrove forests, due to which many species Bruguiera gymnorhiza, B.cylindrica, B.parviflora, B sexangula, Rhizophora… CONTINUE READING