Human IgE, IgG4 and resistance to reinfection with Schistosomahaematobium

  title={Human IgE, IgG4 and resistance to reinfection with Schistosomahaematobium},
  author={Paul Hagan and Ursula J. Blumenthal and David Dunn and Andrew J. G. Simpson and H. Andrew Wilkins},
A WELL recognized feature of the immune response to parasitic helminth infections, including schistosomiasis, is the production of large amounts of specific and nonspecific IgE1,2. Immunological pathways involving IgE can lead to damage to the developing schistosomulum3–9 and it has been suggested that responses involving IgE could have evolved as protection against helminth infections10,11. There has been no epidemiological evidence to support this idea and the only significant IgE responses… CONTINUE READING
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