Human Ia-like antigens associated with HLA-d.

  title={Human Ia-like antigens associated with HLA-d.},
  author={Dagfinn Albrechtsen and Bjarte G. Solheim and Erik Thorsby},
  journal={Scandinavian journal of immunology},
  volume={6 5},
Antisera raised with HLA-A- and -B-compatible, HLA-D-disparate combinations were cytotoxic to B lymphocytes from the immunizing donor's HLA-D phenotype. Four antisera recognized structures closely associated with the HLA-D determinants Dw2, Dw3, Dw4, and LD 108. One antiserum had a broad reactivity pattern, including Dw3, Dw6, and some unknown specificity(ies). In population and family studies these B-lymphocyte antigens behaved as if they were governed by one genetic locus in the B-D region of… CONTINUE READING