Human Dobrava hantavirus infections in Estonia.

  title={Human Dobrava hantavirus infections in Estonia.},
  author={{\AA}ke Lundkvist and Veera Vasilenko and Irina Golovljova and Alexander Plyusnin and Antti Vaheri},
  volume={352 9125},
Outbreaks of severe hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (HFRS) caused by Dobrava hantavirus (DOB) have been reported in Albania, Greece, and Bosnia-Herzegovina. A seroepidemiologic study conducted by the authors in Estonia provided the first evidence of human DOB infection in a Baltic country. Hantavirus infection was first confirmed in Estonia in 1986 and believed related to Puumala hantavirus (PUU). To enable precise serotyping, serum samples were collected from 1728 healthy people in 11… CONTINUE READING