Human DNA polymerase η is pre-aligned for dNTP binding and catalysis.

  title={Human DNA polymerase η is pre-aligned for dNTP binding and catalysis.},
  author={Ajay Ummat and Timothy D. Silverstein and Rinku Jain and Angeliki Buku and Robert E. Johnson and L. T. Om Prakash and Satya Prakash and Aneel K. Aggarwal},
  journal={Journal of molecular biology},
  volume={415 4},
Pre-steady-state kinetic studies on Y-family DNA polymerase η (Polη) have suggested that the polymerase undergoes a rate-limiting conformational change step before the phosphoryl transfer of the incoming nucleotide to the primer terminus. However, the nature of this rate-limiting conformational change step has been unclear, due in part to the lack of structural information on the Polη binary complex. We present here for the first time a crystal structure of human Polη (hPolη) in binary complex… CONTINUE READING


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