Human Cytokinome Analysis for Interferon Response.

  title={Human Cytokinome Analysis for Interferon Response.},
  author={Suhad Al-Yahya and Linah Mahmoud and Fahad A Al-Zoghaibi and Abdullah Al-Tuhami and Haithem Amer and Fahad N. Almajhdi and Stephen J. Polyak and Khalid S. A. Khabar},
  journal={Journal of virology},
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UNLABELLED Cytokines are a group of small secreted proteins that mediate a diverse range of immune and nonimmune responses to inflammatory and microbial stimuli. Only a few of these cytokines mount an antiviral response, including type I, II, and III interferons (IFNs). During viral infections and under inflammatory conditions, a number of cytokines and chemokines are coproduced with IFN; however, no systematic study exists on the interactions of the cytokine repertoire with the IFN response… CONTINUE READING