Human C4 haplotypes with duplicated C4A or C4B.

  title={Human C4 haplotypes with duplicated C4A or C4B.},
  author={Donald Raum and Zuheir L. Awdeh and Julie Anderson and Louise Strong and J. Javier Rainer Granados and Luis Ter{\'a}n and Eloise R. Giblett and Edmond J. Yunis and Chester A. Alper},
  journal={American journal of human genetics},
  volume={36 1},
In the course of study of families for the sixth chromosome markers HLA-A, C, B, D/DR, BF, and C2, the two loci for C4, C4A, and C4B, and glyoxalase I, we encountered five examples of probable duplication of one or the other of the two loci for C4. In one of these, both parents and one sib expressed two different structural genes for C4B, one sib expressed… CONTINUE READING