Human Bocavirus in Hospitalized Children, South Africa

  title={Human Bocavirus in Hospitalized Children, South Africa},
  author={Heidi Smuts and Di Hardie},
  booktitle={Emerging infectious diseases},
To the Editor: In recent years, several novel respiratory viruses have been identified. These include human metapneumovirus (HMPV) (1), severe acute respiratory syndrome– associated coronavirus (2), human coronavirus (HCoV) NL63 (3,4), HCoV HKU1 (5), and, most recently, human bocavirus (HBoV) (6). The latter belongs to the Parvoviridae family and is most closely related to bovine parvovirus and canine minute virus (CnMV), which are members of the genus Bocavirus (6). Parvovirus B19 and HBoV are… CONTINUE READING