Huge Quantum Symmetry Effect in the O + O2 Exchange Reaction.


We report extensive, full quantum-mechanical calculations for the (16)O + (16)O(16)O → (16)O(16)O + (16)O collisions, for both inelastic and atom exchange processes, using a time-independent method based on hyperspherical coordinates. The rates obtained in the present study are much larger than the previously reported ones for this system. The discrepancy is attributed to a huge symmetry effect that was missing in the studies so far. This effect differs from the well-known isotope effect. Importance of this quantum effect is further confirmed by comparison with results for the (16)O + (18)O(18)O → (16)O(18)O + (18)O, exchange reaction.

DOI: 10.1021/jz5026257

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@article{Rao2015HugeQS, title={Huge Quantum Symmetry Effect in the O + O2 Exchange Reaction.}, author={Tammineni Rajagopala Rao and Gr{\'e}goire Guillon and Susanta Mahapatra and Pascal Honvault}, journal={The journal of physical chemistry letters}, year={2015}, volume={6 4}, pages={633-6} }