Hubble Space Telescope Observations of Active Asteroid 324P/La Sagra

  title={Hubble Space Telescope Observations of Active Asteroid 324P/La Sagra},
  author={D. Jewitt and J. Agarwal and H. Weaver and M. Mutchler and J. Li and S. Larson},
  journal={arXiv: Earth and Planetary Astrophysics},
Hubble Space Telescope observations of active asteroid 324P/La Sagra near perihelion show continued mass loss consistent with the sublimation of near-surface ice. Isophotes of the coma measured from a vantage point below the orbital plane are best matched by steady emission of particles having a nominal size $a \sim$ 100 $\mu$m. The inferred rate of mass loss, $dM_d/dt \sim$0.2 kg s$^{-1}$, can be supplied by sublimation of water ice in thermal equilibrium with sunlight from an area as small as… Expand

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