Hsp60-independent protein folding in the matrix of yeast mitochondria.

  title={Hsp60-independent protein folding in the matrix of yeast mitochondria.},
  author={Sabine Rospert and Renate Looser and Y Dubaqui{\'e} and Andreas Matouschek and Benjamin S. Glick and Gottfried Schatz},
  journal={The EMBO journal},
  volume={15 4},
Proteins that are imported from the cytosol into mitochondria cross the mitochondrial membranes in an unfolded conformation and then fold in the matrix. Some of these proteins require the chaperonin hsp60 for folding. To test whether hsp60 is required for the folding of all imported matrix proteins, we monitored the folding of four monomeric proteins after import into mitochondria from wild-type yeast or from a mutant strain in which hsp60 had been inactivated. The four precursors included two… CONTINUE READING


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