Hox9 genes and vertebrate limb specification

  title={Hox9 genes and vertebrate limb specification},
  author={Martin J Cohn and Ketan B. Patel and Robb K Krumlauf and David G. Wilkinsont and Jonathan Clarke and Cheryll Tickle},
Development of paired appendages at appropriate levels along the primary body axis is a hallmark of the body plan of jawed vertebrates. Hox genes are good candidates for encoding position in lateral plate mesoderm along the body axis 1,2 and thus for determining where limbs are formed. Local application of fibroblast growth factors (FGFs) to the anterior prospective flank of a chick embryo induces development of an ectopic wing, and FGF applied to posterior flank induces an ectopic leg3. If… CONTINUE READING
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