Howard Florey, Alexander Fleming and the fairy tale of penicillin

  title={Howard Florey, Alexander Fleming and the fairy tale of penicillin},
  author={Ivo D Vellar},
  journal={Medical Journal of Australia},
  • I. Vellar
  • Published 1 July 2002
  • Medical Journal of Australia
TO THE EDITOR: I read with interest the article by Goldsworthy and McFarlane on Howard Florey, Alexander Fleming and penicillin.1 With regard to the cause of Florey’s “famous pinched smile”, which allegedly hid tooth erosion caused by his drinking dilute hydrochloric acid prescribed for achlorhydria, a more prosaic yet interesting explanation is found in the memoirs of Raymond Valentine Hennessy. Hennessy was Senior Ear, Nose And Throat Surgeon at St Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne, between 1928… Expand
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Howard Florey, Alexander Fleming and the Fairy Tale of Penicillin
The public myth of the discovery of penicillin is an archetypal "quest story" of the type common to every human culture but the real story is a complex tale of accident, serendipity, oversight, conflict, the pressure of war, idiosyncratic personalities and even the invention of history. Expand
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