How well does the Hermite-Padé approximation smooth the Gibbs phenomenon?

  title={How well does the Hermite-Pad{\'e} approximation smooth the Gibbs phenomenon?},
  author={Bernhard Beckermann and Valeriy A. Kalyagin and Ana Cristina C Matos and Franck Wielonsky},
  journal={Math. Comput.},
In order to reduce the Gibbs phenomenon exhibited by the partial Fourier sums of a periodic function f , defined on [−π, π], discontinuous at 0, Driscoll and Fornberg considered so-called singular Fourier-Padé approximants constructed from the Hermite-Padé approximants of the system of functions (1, g1(z), g2(z)), where g1(z) = log(1−z) and g2(z) is… CONTINUE READING