How to write and publish a scientific paper

  title={How to write and publish a scientific paper},
  author={R. A. Day},
  • R. A. Day
  • Published 1979
  • Computer Science, Engineering
Include: How to prepare the abstract How to write the introduction, materials and methods section, results, discussion, acknowledgements and references How to design effective tables and illustrations How to keyboard the manuscript Where and how to submit How to deal with proofs How to order and use reprints How to write review papers, conference reports book reviews and theses How to present a paper orally How to prepare a poster Ethics, rights and permissions. 
Research papers 101: The do’s and don'ts of scientific writing
Abstract Writing and presenting results is important for any research work. Publishing is not enough; it should be written clearly and consistently for others to read and cite. We present a review ofExpand
How to write and publish scientific papers: scribing information for pharmacists.
  • C. Hamilton
  • Medicine
  • American journal of hospital pharmacy
  • 1992
The principles of writing and publishing scientific papers are outlined and pharmacists who adhere to the established pattern for writing and submitting scientific papers have the best chance of seeing their work in print. Expand
How to Write and Illustrate a Scientific Paper 2nd Edition
This chapter discusses basic rules of writing, how to design tables, and how to present statistical results in a journal. Expand
Presentation and Publication of Papers
Presentation preparations include the development and timely submission of abstracts and conference reports, careful crafting of materials, practice – especially for podium presentations – mentally and before an advisor and colleagues, and failsafe routines and procedures to avoid failures during actual presentations. Expand
Ten simple rules for structuring papers
Focusing on how readers consume information, a set of ten simple rules are presented to help you communicate the main idea of the paper and make the process of writing more efficient and pleasurable. Expand
How to Prepare a Scientific Paper
The scientific paper is the vehicle that reports what research problem was studied, why it was studied, what was found, and how these findings should be interpreted, particularly within the contextExpand
Some suggestions and guidelines for preparation of manuscripts for submission for consideration for publication
The editorial highlights some of the difficulties with manuscripts that can lead to problems with reviewers and editors, and outlines approaches to manuscript preparation that the Co-Editors in Chief have found to be successful. Expand
Ten simple rules for structuring papers
Focusing on how readers consume information, a set of 10 simple rules are presented to make your paper more influential and the process of writing more efficient and pleasurable. Expand
Structure of a scholarly manuscript: 66 tips for what goes where.
This work presents 66 tips for organizing a scholarly manuscript and tells not only what goes where in the manuscript but also how to construct each of the elements so as to logically communicate the author's message. Expand
Titles and abstracts serve to disclose the basic information that the paper itself contains, and help readers decide whether to read the entire paper, and must help readers quickly identify literature that they want to read. Expand