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How to write a coequation

  title={How to write a coequation},
  author={Fredrik Dahlqvist and Todd J. Schmid},
There is a large amount of literature on the topic of covarieties, coequations and coequational specifications, dating back to the early seventies. Nevertheless, coequations have not (yet) emerged as an everyday practical specification formalism for computer scientists. In this review paper, we argue that this is partly due to the multitude of syntaxes for writing down coequations, which seems to have led to some confusion about what coequations are and what they are for. By surveying the… Expand


Coequational Logic for Finitary Functors
A simple coequational logic for finitary functors that preserve preimages is yielded and a statement for semantical consequences of sets of coequations in the case of accessible functors is proved. Expand
A Logic of Coequations
Inference rules for subsets of a cofree coalgebra are introduced, and it is proved that a set T of colored trees is a logical consequence of a set S iff T contains every tree such that all recolorings of all its subtrees lie in S. Expand
A Coequational Approach to Specifying Behaviours
A sound and complete deduction calculus for reasoning about observational properties expressed by coequations is formulated. Expand
Guarded Kleene Algebra with Tests: Coequations, Coinduction, and Completeness
This paper develops an operational (coal algebraic) and denotational (algebraic) semantics and shows that they coincide, and characterize the behaviors of GKAT expressions in this semantics, leading to a coequation that captures the covariety of automata corresponding to these behaviors. Expand
Non-well-founded sets
  • P. Aczel
  • Computer Science
  • CSLI lecture notes series
  • 1988
If the lesson of the paradoxes of set theory is that a predicate need no more have a set as extension than the name "Santa Claus" need denote someone, then perhaps the lessons of the liar paradox is that nothing answers to a liar sentence. Expand
Coequational logic for accessible functors
It is shown that regularity of the presentation of an accessible functor H implies soundness and completeness of these deduction systems, and a method is found to obtain concrete descriptions of cofree coalgebras of accessible functors. Expand
On Corelations, Cokernels, and Coequations
  • U. Wolter
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • CMCS
  • 2000
A systematic categorical analysis of basic concepts, constructions, and results in Universal Algebra is presented and a concept of coequational specification strictly dual to the concept of equational specification in UniversalAlgebra is developed. Expand
Birkhoff's Covariety Theorem without limitations
J. Rutten proved, for accessible endofunctors F of Set, the dual Birkhoff’s Variety Theorem: a collection of F -coalgebras is presentable by coequations (= subobjects of cofree coalgebras) iff it isExpand
Coalgebraic Logic
  • L. Moss
  • Computer Science
  • Ann. Pure Appl. Log.
  • 1999
A generalization of modal logic to logical systems which are interpreted on coalgebras of functors on sets and finds that the formulas of coalgebraic logics can be viewed as approximations to the elements of the nal coalgebra. Expand
The dual equivalence of equations and coequations for automata
The main result is that the restrictions of free and cofree to varieties of languages and to quotients A*/C of A* with respect to a congruence relation C, form a dual equivalence. Expand