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How to sample connected K-partitions of a graph

  title={How to sample connected K-partitions of a graph},
  author={Marina Meilă},
  • M. Meilă
  • Published 21 July 2018
  • Mathematics
  • ArXiv
A connected undirected graph $G=(V,E)$ is given. This paper presents an algorithm that samples (non-uniformly) a $K$ partition $U_1,\ldots U_K$ of the graph nodes $V$, such that the subgraph induced by each $U_k$, with $k=1:K$, is connected. Moreover, the probability induced by the algorithm over the set ${\mathcal C}_K$ of all such partitions is obtained in closed form. 

Empirical sampling of connected graph partitions for redistricting.

This paper examines mixing times of a popular Glauber dynamics based Markov chain and shows how the self-avoiding walk phase transitions interact with mixing time, and analyzes the robustness of the qualitative properties of typical districting plans with respect to score functions and a certain lattice-like graph.



Counting connected sets and connected partitions of a graph

  • A. Vince
  • Mathematics
    Australas. J Comb.
  • 2017
The numbers C(G) and P (G) can be regarded as the (connected) graph analogs of the number of subsets and theNumber of set partitions, respectively, of an n-element set.

Introduction to graph theory