How to overcome osmotic stress? Marine crabs conquer freshwater. New insights from modern electrophysiology

  title={How to overcome osmotic stress? Marine crabs conquer freshwater. New insights from modern electrophysiology},
  author={Horst Onken and Kai Graszynski and Alexandre Johannsen and M. Putzenlechner and Sven Riestenpatt and Cedric Schirmer and Dietrich Siebers and Wolfgang Zeiske},
  journal={Helgol{\"a}nder Meeresuntersuchungen},
In the present article we review our findings on split lamella preparations of crab gills mounted in modified Ussing-chambers with respect to mechanistic and ecophysiological aspects. The leaky gill epithelium of shore crabs adapted to brackish water absorbs Na+ and Cl− in a coupled mode, and shows similarities to other salt-absorbing epithelia exposed to moderately diluted media. The results so far obtained for NaCl uptake across the gills of the shore crab are compatible with a transport… CONTINUE READING
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