How to make the switch from OC use to HRT.

  • Published 2000 in Contraceptive technology update


This article discusses some approaches recommended by three physicians that will help women make the transition from oral contraceptive (OC) use to hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Andrew Kaunitz does not believe that checking follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) levels to determine when OC users have become menopausal is useful. This approach is based on the following observations: 1) in premenopausal women, FSH levels vary and a single elevated FSH level does not reliably document that contraception is no longer needed; 2) checking of FSH levels on the 5th-7th day of the pill-free interval is not useful, since sex steroids in OCs suppress FSH blood levels for far longer than 7 days; and 3) about 50% of 52-year-old OC users are not yet menopausal, but by age 55 a great majority of women are menopausal. Kaunitz's approach to OC/HRT transition among older women is continuation of OCs until their mid-50s, then switching them to HRT. Meanwhile, Leon Speroff recommends to begin measuring FSH levels of the patient at age 50 on Friday of the pill-free week and when it is greater than 20; a switch to a regular postmenopausal regimen is then made. Felicia Stewart lets her patients select the transition option that best fits their needs.

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