How to improve your PubMed/MEDLINE searches: 3. advanced searching, MeSH and My NCBI

  title={How to improve your PubMed/MEDLINE searches: 3. advanced searching, MeSH and My NCBI},
  author={Farhad Fatehi and Leonard C. Gray and Richard Wootton},
  journal={Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare},
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Summary Although the basic PubMed search is often helpful, the results may sometimes be non-specific. [...] Key Method For indexing the articles in MEDLINE, the NLM uses a controlled vocabulary system called MeSH. This standardised vocabulary solves the problem of authors, researchers and librarians who may use different terms for the same concept. To be efficient in a PubMed search, you should start by identifying the most appropriate MeSH terms and use them in your search where possible. My NCBI is a personal…Expand

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Observational Clinical Trial
Using Paperless partograph management of labour as simple tool to prevent obstructed labour or prolonged labour or its complications at the mother or her fetus  
ConditionsLabor Complication
Observational Clinical Trial
Paperless partograph wide using in labour room as simple tool in evaluation of labour  
ConditionsLabor Complication, Labor Pain
Searching the Literature
This chapter concentrates upon using PubMed, the freely available version of MEDLINE; but the principles apply to all databases. Expand
What Searches Do Users Run on PEDro? An Analysis of 893,971 Search Commands Over a 6-Month Period.
PEDro is a commonly used evidence resource, but searching appears to be sub-optimal in many cases and the effectiveness of searches conducted by users needs to improve, which could be facilitated by methods such as targeted training and amending the search interface. Expand
PEDro searching has improved over time: A comparison of search commands from two six-month periods three years apart
There has been a small reduction in the number of search commands containing errors, and only a very small increase in the use of sophisticated features. Expand
GEREDB: Gene expression regulation database curated by mining abstracts from literature
GEREDB is a publicly available, manually curated biological database that stores the data regarding relationships between expression and regulation of human genes and has the ability to analyze user-supplied gene expression data in a causal analysis oriented manner using the GEREA bioinformatics tool. Expand
A bibliometric study on soft computing techniques and applications in top most populated asian countries
Abstract Through this research proposal sanctioned by Department of Science and Technology (DST) NSTMIS (National Science & Technology Management Information System), Government of India, we focusedExpand
Tackling Research Inefficiency in Degenerative Cervical Myelopathy: Illustrative Review
This study aimed to illustrate the difficulties encountered when attempting to carry out a comprehensive and accurate evidence search in the field of DCM by identifying the key sources of imprecision and quantifying their impact. Expand
Technical aspects of clinical videoconferencing: a large scale review of the literature
The results of this study showed that a high proportion of telemedicine papers lack sufficient technical details that limits their repeatability and generalizability. Expand
Prevalence of early childhood caries among 5‐year‐old children: A systematic review
Based on the included studies published in the recent 5 years, there is a wide variation of ECC prevalence across countries, and ECC remains prevalent in most countries worldwide. Expand
Dysphagia in the elderly in long-stay institutions - a systematic literature review
Commentary on the article “Dysphagia in the elderly in long-term institutions systematic review of the literature” prepared by Santos BP, Andrade MJC, Silva RO, Menezes EC finds a lack of general cohesion in the article, and one of the main characteristics that differ a systematic review from of a narrative one is the definition of a research. Expand
Key aspects of dental diagnostics and treatment specifics in ectodermal dysplasia patients: comprehensive literature review
Introduction: Pathogenesis of ectodermal dysplasia (ED) is explained by alterations occurring within derivates of ectoderm, caused by different genetic violations. Objectives: The aim of this studyExpand


Evaluation of instructive texts on searching medical databases.
  • W. Bramer
  • Medicine, Computer Science
  • Journal of the Medical Library Association : JMLA
  • 2015
This review examines whether PubMed and other websites and databases have published extensive online tutorials with descriptions of their databases and specific search methods enough to create a thorough search for systematic reviews, for instance. Expand
A Study on Pubmed Search Tag Usage Pattern: Association Rule Mining of a Full-day Pubmed Query Log
  • A. Mosa, Illhoi Yoo
  • Computer Science, Medicine
  • BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making
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The low percentage of search tag usage implies that PubMed/MEDLINE users do not utilize the features of PubMed/ MEDLINE widely or they are not aware of such features or solely depend on the high recall focused query translation by the PubMed’s Automatic Term Mapping. Expand
The value of library and information services in patient care: results of a multisite study.
OBJECTIVE The research conducted a large-scale, multisite study on the value and impact of library and information services on patient care. METHODS THE STUDY USED: (1) 2 initial focus groups ofExpand
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