How to be Russian with a Difference? Kaliningrad and its German Past 1

  title={How to be Russian with a Difference? Kaliningrad and its German Past 1},
  author={Stefan Karl Berger},
  pages={345 - 366}
  • S. Berger
  • Published 13 May 2010
  • Geology
  • Geopolitics
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Europeanization ‘Beyond’ Europe? EU Impact on Domestic Policies in the Russian Enclave of Kaliningrad

After Lithuania had regained its independence from the Soviet Union in 1991, the Kaliningrad oblast became geographically detached from Russia, henceforth being transformed into an enclave at a

Paysage urbain et identités collectives à Kaliningrad

Urban landscape is an indicator which reveals the organisation of society as well as the political and social strategies it develops. Kaliningrad is not new to this. The Russian city and region of

Exploring cultural margins and liminalities through visual and material culture: the case of Kaliningrad as presented in guided tours

ABSTRACT Kaliningrad’s place on the geopolitical ‘margin’ is well documented, however, little research has examined Kaliningrad as a certain type of margin in cultural terms. This article seeks to

Models of morphological transformations of centres of the largest Polish cities after World War II

ABSTRACT This paper examines the topic of changes in central parts of large cities in Poland that have occurred in the post-war period, which can be divided into two stages with different factors

Wybrane aspekty transformacji funkcji i stopnia przenikalności granicy polsko-rosyjskiej = Selected aspects of the transformation in function, and permeability, of the Polish-Russian border

The Polish-Russian border is unique, and for many reasons. One of these relates to the role of Kaliningrad Oblast vis-à-vis Russia on the one hand, and the EU and NATO on the other, making it clear

Geopolitics of the Kaliningrad Exclave and Enclave: Russian and EU Perspectives

Two U.S. political geographers examine a range of geopolitical issues associated with the shifting sovereignty of Russia's Kaliningrad Oblast (a part of the former German province of East Prussia)



The Dialogic Imagination: Four Essays

Acknowledgments A Note on Translation Introduction Epic and Novel From the Prehistory of Novelistic Discourse Forms of Time and of the Chronotope in the Novel Discourse in the Novel Glossary Index

The Kaliningrad Question

This book describes Kaliningrad as a Flash Point of Conflict as well as a "Gateway" to a "Black Hole" in Europe and the United States and the future.

The Emergence of a Regional Identity in the Kaliningrad Oblast

Contributing empirical evidence in a rather neglected research field, this article examines the emergence of a regional identity in the Russian Kaliningrad oblast since Soviet times by analysing the

Contending Discourses of Marginality: The Case of Kaliningrad

Kaliningrad is argued to raise profound questions regarding the role, power and influence of marginal actors in EU–Russian relations as well as international politics at large. Such entities may have

A European Geopolitical Subject in the Making? EU, Russia and the Kaliningrad Question

This article engages the recent studies that have treated the European Union (EU) in geopolitical terms, as an empire engaged with enlargement. The article introduces the meta-concept of geopolitical

European integration and the legacy of the post‐world war II German expulsions in East‐Central Europe

Efforts towards the formal integration of Poland and the Czech Republic into the European Union have opened the Pandora's box of issues concerning the expulsion of Germans and the confiscation of

Bastion, Beacon or Bridge? Conceptualising the Baltic Logic of the EU's Neighbourhood

With the 2004 enlargement of the European Union, Europe moved a step closer to what has been known as Russia's ‘near abroad’. Since 2003, the EU has taken a larger interest in its new

The Kaliningrad Region of Russia in a New Geopolitical Setting

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Auf dem schweren Weg zurück nach Europa

  • Bestandsaufnahmen und Zukunftsvisionen aus einer europäischen Krisenregion
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  • Brodersen, Die Stadt im Westen. Wie Königsberg Kaliningrad wurde
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