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How to automate analog IC designs - IEEE Spectrum

  title={How to automate analog IC designs - IEEE Spectrum},
  • Published 2004
In a matter of hours rather than weeks or months, basic analog integrated circuits can now be designed to suit the needs of the systems they are destined for. This sudden advance is due to new knowledge-based computer-aided design (CAD) tools. With the tools’ help, system designers can employ common analog blocks, such as op amps and voltage references, without understanding their operation in much detail. Circuit designers also benefit from having the routine parts of a design done for them… Expand
Sizing of Analog Cells by means of a Tabu Search Approach
Although many design tools have been developed for digital design, analog design tools are only just being introduced. This paper presents a new optimization method for automatically sizing theExpand
The Best of ICCAD
The advent of efficient Boolean inference methods, starting with Binary Decision Diagrams and more recently with efficient Boolean satisfiabiIity (SAT) checkers has provided the enabling technology for these advances. Expand