How to approach the mental state examination

  title={How to approach the mental state examination},
  author={Marina Soltan and Joseph Girguis},
What to look for and ask when assessing patients’ emotions, thoughts, and behaviour 
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Application of mental status examination in homoeopathic prescribing
MSE is a structured assessment of the patient’s behavioural and cognitive functioning, usually administered in psychiatry but in brief is a part of every medical exam.
Identifying people with deteriorating mental health using a mental state assessment.
  • Helen Rees
  • Medicine, Psychology
    Nursing standard (Royal College of Nursing (Great Britain) : 1987)
  • 2021
An outline of the various elements involved in a mental state assessment is provided, so that clinicians such as non-mental health nurses can identify people experiencing deteriorating mental health.
Electroconvulsive therapy: a clinical case study and review
Despite the associated stigma, electroconvulsive therapy can save lives, as portrayed by Albert, and further research is required and updated guidance from National Institute for Health and Care Excellence is needed, specifically with regards to maintenance and relapse prevention.
Functional assessments in the UK social security system: the experiences of claimants with mental health conditions
Evidence from this and other studies suggests that improvements are needed to the eligibility assessment process for all claimants but particularly those with a mental health condition.
Mental health nursing and autism: I am a mental health nurse so why did it take me so long to realise I'm autistic?
Autism as a diagnosis has changed considerably since Leo Kanner first described autistic syndrome in the 1940s and applied it to a relatively small group of institutionalised children exhibiting a distinct set of traits, however over recent years this figure appears to have reduced as more women and girls are diagnosed.
The Mental State Examination.


Assessing mental capacity in practice
How to navigate the laws around capacity in the sector and what to do if you find yourself in a pinch.
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