How to Use Big Data to Drive Your Supply Chain

  title={How to Use Big Data to Drive Your Supply Chain},
  author={Nada R. Sanders},
  journal={California Management Review},
  pages={26 - 48}
  • N. Sanders
  • Published 1 May 2016
  • Business
  • California Management Review
Big data analytics has become an imperative for business leaders across every industry sector. Analytics applications that can deliver a competitive advantage appear all along the supply chain decision spectrum—from targeted location-based marketing to optimizing supply chain inventories to enabling supplier risk assessment. While many companies have used it to extract new insights and create new forms of value, other companies have yet to leverage big data to transform their supply chain… 

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Practitioners understanding of big data and its applications in supply chain management

This study is the first to assess big data in the SCOR process framework and to rank applications of big data as a mean to guide the SCM community to where big data is most beneficial.



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