How to Read the Bible According to Leo Strauss

  title={How to Read the Bible According to Leo Strauss},
  author={Ehud Luz},
  journal={Modern Judaism},
  pages={264 - 284}
  • E. Luz
  • Published 23 September 2005
  • Philosophy, Art
  • Modern Judaism
In choosing the title of my article I have tried to follow the example of Leo Strauss, who uses "How to" in the titles of a number of his studies. Strauss claims that in reading a text the question "How?" precedes the question "What?" We cannot penetrate into the deep meaning of the text without first meticulously analyzing the form in which it appears or presents itself for us. "How" means some kind of what is usually called by such thinkers as Bultman and Gadamer "pre-understanding." It… 



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