How to Measure Labor Market Effects of Immigration: A Review

  title={How to Measure Labor Market Effects of Immigration: A Review},
  author={Liesbet Okkerse},
  journal={Labor: Public Policy \& Regulation eJournal},
  • L. Okkerse
  • Published 1 February 2008
  • Economics
  • Labor: Public Policy & Regulation eJournal
Abstract This paper surveys available empirical evidence on labour market effects of immigration. Many different approaches have been used already to try to find out whether immigration hurts the labour market opportunities of natives. No doubt new approaches will follow in the future as globalization will keep the migration issue on the agenda. This literature review discusses the different approaches concentrating on both the methodology and the results. At the end, it tries to summarize… 

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In the first part of this paper, we present a stylized model of the labour market impact of immigration. We then discuss mechanisms through which an economy can adjust to immigration: changes in

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Abstract: This paper applies the “spatial correlations” methodology in order to investigate the impact of immigrants on the unemployment rates of natives. We use information on 13 local labor markets

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Immigration will bring about a favourable change in the age structure, as the majority of immigrants are young adults. The effects on the public finances will above all depend on the impact of

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The number of immigrants across the world has doubled since 1980. The estimates of the impact of immigration on wages and employment in host countries are quantitatively small but vary widely. We

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The factor proportions approach is used to examine the contributions of immigration and trade to recent changes in U.S. educational wage differentials and attempt to provide a broader assessment of the impact of immigration on the incomes of U.s. natives.

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The paper analyzes the ability of a regional labor market to absorb growing flows of immigrant workers with declining levels of skills during relatively high unemployment. The impact of the size of