How to Make a National Cuisine: Cookbooks in Contemporary India

  title={How to Make a National Cuisine: Cookbooks in Contemporary India},
  author={Arjun Appadurai},
  journal={Comparative Studies in Society and History},
  pages={3 - 24}
  • A. Appadurai
  • Published 1 January 1988
  • Art
  • Comparative Studies in Society and History
Cookbooks, which usually belong to the humble literature of complex civilizations, tell unusual cultural tales. They combine the sturdy pragmatic virtues of all manuals with the vicarious pleasures of the literature of the senses. They reflect shifts in the boundaries of edibility, the proprieties of the culinary process, the logic of meals, the exigencies of the household budget, the vagaries of the market, and the structure of domestic ideologies. The existence of cookbooks presupposes not… 

Modern Mixes: The Hybrid and the Authentic in Indian Cuisine

This essay introduces food and cooking as elements significant to the understanding of historical processes and concept categories such as the ‘modern’. It draws upon crisscrossing tales of cooking

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Cookbooks are a kind of culinary treatise where a practice of ordinary life—domestic or professional—reverses itself and translates into a text and, through that text, becomes something else. Looking

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Clemens Wilmenrod, released what was to be the first of several bestselling cookbooks: Es liegt mir auf der Zunge.1 True to the pattern of his remarkably successful television show, the cookbook was

From Kitchen Arabic to Recipes for Good Taste: Nation, Empire, and Race in Egyptian Cookbooks

ABSTRACT Between the 1880s and the 1950s, a new genre of cookbooks appeared in Egypt. Largely written by women, these texts addressed the housewives of Egypt’s expanding middle classes. This essay

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This paper explores the relationship between food, geography and national culture. Food is sustenance and ceremony; it is also malleable, transformable and indelibly linked with global movements.

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In Levi‐Straussian terms cooking marks the “transition between nature and culture”. Yet the study of cookbooks as placed cultural artefacts is largely neglected by consumer researchers. This essay

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Abstract The present article will explore the role that cookbooks had in eighteenth-century London, being extremely popular and highly pirated, probably the most successful women's printed genre of

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Abstract Based upon a systematic examination of the Good Food Guide, the principal annual handbook purporting to identify the highest-quality restaurant provision in the UK, this paper studies the



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First published in 1888, The Complete Indian Housekeeper and Cook sought to provide practical advice to young memsahibs in India, 'giving the duties of mistress and servants, the general management

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List of illustrations Preface 1. Intentions and remarks 2. State of play 3. Production and consumption among the LoDagaa and Gonja of northern Ghana 4. The high and the low: culinary culture in Asia

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Louis Dumont's modern classic, here presented in an enlarged, revised, and corrected second edition, simultaneously supplies that reader with the most cogent statement on the Indian caste system and

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The general semiotic properties of food take particularly intense forms in the context of gastro-politics – where food is the medium, and sometimes the message, of conflict. In South Asia, where

La Jungle et le fumet des viandes [The Jungle and the Aroma of Meat]. By Francis Zimmermann. Paris: Gallimard, Le Seuil, 1982. 254 pp. Nomenclature des animaux, Sources, Index. F125.

approach is John Huntington's analysis of cave 6 at Aurangabad. He relies upon East Asian documents to help with the identification of the deities found in this Indian monument. However, the mass of

The Hindu hearth and home

  • R. Khare
  • Linguistics
    The Journal of Asian Studies
  • 1978
classical dramatic tradition, and has alienated them from utilizing the vitality of modern Indian theater in Indian state languages or absorbing the fecundity of vibrant folk theater in the oral

Structure and change in Indian society

I N JUNE i965, a conference on structure and change in Indian society was held at the University of Chicago, just ten years after a similar conference, the results of which were published by McKim

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new books in food studies asfs the following are books that have been submitted for review in food culture society be sure to look for many of these in upcoming issues, early chinese food history

Lucknow: The Last Phase of an Oriental Culture

It was at the court of Lucknow, above all others in India, that the late Mogul civilization reached the zenith of its splendour and sophistication. "Lucknow", the work of the essayist, historian, and

Food in Chinese culture : anthropological and historical perspectives

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