How to Advance Human Rights without Really Trying: An Analysis of Nongovernmental Tribunals

  title={How to Advance Human Rights without Really Trying: An Analysis of Nongovernmental Tribunals},
  author={Arthur W. Blaser},
  journal={Human Rights Quarterly},
  • A. Blaser
  • Published 1 August 1992
  • Political Science
  • Human Rights Quarterly
Statements such as Trotsky's have been frequent at the scores of nongovernmental tribunals held in the twentieth century. Included among the accused have been the American, Soviet, Chinese, German, and Philippine governments, multinational corporations, and international financial institutions. While maintaining a focus on war crimes, nongovernmental tribunals have also condemned a full range of violations of civil, political, and economic rights.2 The tribunals, of which the best known are the… 
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