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How to (symplectically) thread the eye of a (Lagrangian) needle

  title={How to (symplectically) thread the eye of a (Lagrangian) needle},
  author={Klaus Mohnke},
  journal={arXiv: Symplectic Geometry},
  • K. Mohnke
  • Published 15 June 2001
  • Mathematics
  • arXiv: Symplectic Geometry
We show that there exists no Lagrangian embeddings of the Klein bottle into $\CC^{2}$. Using the same techniques we also give a new proof that any Lagrangian torus in $\CC^2$ is smoothly isotopic to the Clifford torus. 
A Lagrangian Klein bottle you can’t squeeze
  • J. Evans
  • Mathematics
    Journal of Fixed Point Theory and Applications
  • 2022
Suppose you have a nonorientable Lagrangian surface $$L$$ L in a symplectic 4-manifold. How far can you deform the symplectic form before the smooth isotopy class of $$L$$ L contains no Lagrangians?
Lefschetz pencils, Morse functions, and Lagrangian embeddings of the Klein bottle
It is shown that the mod 2 homology class represented by a Lagrangian Klein bottle in a complex algebraic surface is non-zero. In particular, the Klein bottle does not admit a Lagrangian embedding
Lagrangian embeddings of the Klein bottle and combinatorial properties of mapping class groups
In this paper we prove the non-existence of Lagrangian embeddings of the Klein bottle  in  and . We exploit the existence of a special embedding of  in a symplectic Lefschetz pencil and study its
Monodromy groups of Lagrangian tori in R 4
We determine the Lagrangian monodromy group L(T ) and the smooth monodromy group S(T ) of a Clifford torus T in R. We show that L(T ) is isomorphic to the infinite dihedral group, and S(T ) is
Lagrangian torus invariants using $ECH = SWF$
  • Chris Gerig
  • Mathematics
    Journal of Symplectic Geometry
  • 2021
We construct distinguished elements in the embedded contact homology (and monopole Floer homology) of a 3-torus, associated with Lagrangian tori in symplectic 4-manifolds and their isotopy classes.
Bulky Hamiltonian isotopy of Lagrangian tori with applications
We exhibit an example of a monotone Lagrangian torus inside the standard symplectic four dimensional unit ball which becomes Hamiltonian isotopic to a standard product torus only when considered
Hamiltonian stability and index of minimal Lagrangian surfaces of the complex projective plane
We show that the Clifford torus and the totally geodesic real projective plane RP 2 in the complex projective plane CP 2 are the unique Hamiltonian stable minimal Lagrangian compact surfaces of CP 2
Seidel's long exact sequence on Calabi-Yau manifolds
In this paper, we generalize construction of Seidel’s long exact sequence of Lagrangian Floer cohomology to that of compact Lagrangian submanifolds with vanishing Malsov class on general Calabi-Yau
On the topology of Lagrangian submanifolds, Examples and counter-examples
The main tools we can use to approach these questions are the pseudoholomorphic-curves-Floer-homology on the one hand and the Stein-manifoldssubcritical-polarizations on the other one. Inside these
Representants lagrangiens de l'homologie des surfaces projectives complexes
Using results by Donaldson and Auroux on pseudo-holomorphic curves as well as Duval's rational convexity construction, the paper investigates the existence of smooth Lagrangian surfaces representing


Symplectic rigidity: Lagrangian submanifolds
This chapter is supposed to be a summary of what is known today about Lagrangian embeddings. We emphasise the difference between flexibility results, such as the h-principle of Gromov applied here to
Lefschetz pencils, Morse functions, and Lagrangian embeddings of the Klein bottle
It is shown that the mod 2 homology class represented by a Lagrangian Klein bottle in a complex algebraic surface is non-zero. In particular, the Klein bottle does not admit a Lagrangian embedding
Introduction to Symplectic Field Theory
We sketch in this article a new theory, which we call Symplectic Field Theory or SFT, which provides an approach to Gromov-Witten invariants of symplectic manifolds and their Lagrangian submanifolds
Lagrangian embeddings in the complement of symplectic hypersurfaces
For a given embedded Lagrangian in the complement of a complex hypersurface we show the existence of a holomorphic disc in the complement having boundary on that Lagrangian.
Singularities and positivity of intersections of J-holomorphic curves
This chapter is devoted to proving some of the main technical results about J-holomorphic curves which make them such a powerful tool when studying the geometry of symplectic 4-manifolds. We begin by
Compactness results in Symplectic Field Theory
This is one in a series of papers devoted to the foundations of Symplectic Field Theory sketched in (4). We prove compactness results for moduli spaces of holomorphic curves arising in Symplectic
First steps in symplectic topology
CONTENTSIntroduction § 1. Is there such a thing as symplectic topology? § 2. Generalizations of the geometric theorem of Poincare § 3. Hyperbolic Morse theory § 4. Intersections of Lagrangian
J-Holomorphic Curves and Quantum Cohomology
Introduction Local behaviour Moduli spaces and transversality Compactness Compactification of moduli spaces Evaluation maps and transversality Gromov-Witten invariants Quantum cohomology Novikov
A Morse-Bott approach to contact homology
Contact homology was introduced by Eliashberg, Givental and Hofer; this contact invariant is based on J-holomorphic curves in the symplectization of a contact manifold. We expose an extension of
A new obstruction to embedding Lagrangian tori
n Let ~2n be endowed with the canonical symplectic form a = ~ i = 1 dxi ^ dY i, and consider a Lagrangian embedding of a compact manifold j : L" --, (R 2", a). A well-known result due to G r o m o v