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How the notion of ACCESS guides the organization of a European research infrastructure: the example of DARIAH

  title={How the notion of ACCESS guides the organization of a European research infrastructure: the example of DARIAH},
  author={Suzanne Dumouchel},
This contribution will show how Access play a strong role in the creation and structuring of DARIAH, a European Digital Research Infrastructure in Arts and Humanities.To achieve this goal, this contribution will develop the concept of Access from five examples: Interdisciplinarity point of view, Manage contradiction between national and international perspectives, Involve different communities (not only researchers stakeholders), Manage tools and services, Develop and use new collaboration… 

A landscape of data – working with digital resources within and beyond DARIAH

How DARIAH tries to meet the requirements of researchers from a broad range of disciplines within the arts and humanities that work with (born-)digital research data is described and an overview of ongoing efforts towards a convergence of social and technical aspects is given.



DARIAH-ERIC: Towards a sustainable, social and technical European e-Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities

The core strategy of DARIAH is to bring together national, regional, and local endeavours to form a cooperative infrastructure where complementarities and new challenges are clearly identified and acted upon, taking into account technical as well as social innovation.

Data Fluidity in DARIAH – Pushing the Agenda Forward

Various aspect of data management: data hosting, the setting up of a DARIAH seal of approval, the establishment of a charter between cultural heritage institutions and scholars and finally a specific view on certification mechanisms for data are tackled.

DARIAH: Advancing a digital revolution in the arts and humanities across Europe

DARIAH, the Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities, is committed to advancing the digital revolution in the arts and humanities across Europe, by connecting resources and tools

Partnerships, relationships and associated initiatives — Towards a strategic plan for DARIAH

This report is a subjective attempt to provide an overview of the environmental factors that may impact on developing a strategy for the future of DARIAH. To this end, we revisit the core objectives

DARIAH Report on researchers' service needs

The report on researchers’ needs analyses the results of a survey conducted by the Humanities at Scale project to determine the key basic services needed by researchers in the field of Digital

DARIAH - ERIC Towards a sustainable social and technical European eResearch Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities . e - IRG Workshop , Nov 2014 , Rome , Italy

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