How should reading be taught?

  title={How should reading be taught?},
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Most of us are a little fuzzy on how we learned to read, much as we cannot recall anything special about learning to talk. Although these skills are related, the ways we acquire them differ profoundly. Learning to speak is automatic for almost all children brought up in normal circumstances, but learning to read requires elaborate instruction and conscious effort. Remember how hard it once was? Reading this page with the magazine turned upside down should bring back some of the struggles of… 
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The three-cueing system is well-known to most teachers. What is less well known is that it arose not as a result of advances in knowledge concerning reading development, but rather in response to an
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Abstract The three'Cueing system is well‐known to Australian teachers. What is less well known is that it arose not as a result of advances in knowledge concerning reading development, but rather in
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Headsprout Early Reading™ is a new engaging, Internet-based reading program that effectively teaches the essential skills and strategies required for rapid reading success and is available to all children over the Internet.
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lished element in most preservice and inservice teacher training courses. It offers an explanation of how skilled readers comprehend written language, and a direction for the role of teachers in
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  • R. Sparks
  • Education
    Foreign Language Annals
  • 2019
Studies have shown that U.S. learners’ proficiency in reading and listening comprehension lags behind their ability to decode words. Recent studies have found that even after 3 years of high school
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This article reports on the reading comprehension crisis of older students in the middle and high school grades in our nation. Its goal is to establish a common foundation for intervention by
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It is widely known for more than 10 years that South Africa (SA) has a reading crisis. Most children fail to learn to read well and with understanding in both the Home Language (HL) and English


The Family Portfolio: Using Authentic Assessment in Family Literacy Programs.
594 The Reading Teacher Vol. 48, No. 7 April 1995 own assessment. The family portfolio works well because it supports instruction. As a starting point, portfolio conferences can occur once a month.