How practical are recommendations for dietary control in phenylketonuria?

  title={How practical are recommendations for dietary control in phenylketonuria?},
  author={John H. Walter and Fiona J. White and Sally K. Hall and Anna Macdonald and George Rylance and Avihu Boneh and Dorothy E M Francis and G. J. Shortland and Manfred Schmidt and Angie Vail},
  volume={360 9326},
In patients with phenylketonuria, blood phenylalanine concentration during childhood is the major determinant of cognitive outcome. Guidelines provide age-related recommendations for treatment. To ascertain the extent to which these aims are achievable, we audited results from four centres for the years 1994-2000. The median proportion of samples with phenylalanine concentrations above those recommended was less than 30% for those younger than age 10 years but almost 80% for those aged 15 years… CONTINUE READING