How much is it going to cost me to complete a collection of football trading cards?

  title={How much is it going to cost me to complete a collection of football trading cards?},
  author={Oke Gerke},
  journal={Teaching Statistics},
  • O. Gerke
  • Published 1 June 2013
  • Political Science
  • Teaching Statistics
Trading cards for various sports and a range of other subjects such as architecture, animals, hobbies, and war have been in existence since the late nineteenth century and still enjoy great popularity. Two of the most prominent examples are baseball cards in the U.S. and football cards in Europe. Three strategies for collecting European football trading cards were investigated for two different groups: either a single collector or two collectors joining forces. An activity is proposed in which… 



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The focus of this paper is on the impact (if any) of a player's race/ethnicity on the value of his rookie baseball card. Data on the race/ethnicity of 29 (17 white and 12 nonwhite) members of the

Adverse selection, seller reputation and buyer insurance in online auctions for 1960s-era collectible baseball cards

We investigate the differences between Beckett book values and eBay auction prices using an original data set of 876 auctions for 30 baseball cards from the 1960s era. We find that cards of lower

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The recent Persian Gulf war had an immediate and intense impact on myriad aspects of our popular culture, both material and non-material. American vocabulary quickly expanded to include Scud and

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