How much does is cost to restore a grassland?

  title={How much does is cost to restore a grassland?},
  author={Michelle L. Knight and Gerhard Ernst Overbeck},
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Knowledge of the costs involved to implement a restoration project is imperative to most cost‐effectively allocate restoration funds, aid the prioritization of efforts, minimize waste, and conceive realistic objectives. When integrated with information regarding ecological and other socioeconomic indicators, consistent and complete cost‐reporting not only informs evaluations of overall project success but also aids practitioners and academics alike to assess the suitability of restoration… 

Estimates of regeneration potential in the Pannonian sand region help prioritize ecological restoration interventions

Restoration prioritization helps determine optimal restoration interventions in national and regional spatial planning to create sustainable landscapes and maintain biodiversity. Here we investigate

Ecological and economic implications of alternative metrics in biodiversity offset markets

Policy tools are needed that allow reconciliation of human development pressures with conservation priorities. Biodiversity offsetting can be used to compensate for ecological losses caused by



Facing the future for grassland restoration - What about the farmers?

Evaluating Ecological Restoration Success: A Review of the Literature

Assessing the success of ecological restoration projects is critical to justify the use of restoration in natural resource management and to improve best practice. Although there are extensive

Standardized reporting of the costs of management interventions for biodiversity conservation

A standardized approach to describing financial costs reported for conservation interventions is devised and it is suggested that these standards be adopted by major conservation organizations, conservation science institutions, and journals so that cost reporting is comparable among studies.

Restoration and Economics: A Union Waiting to Happen?

In this article, our objective is to introduce economics as a tool for the planning, prioritization, and evaluation of restoration projects. Studies that develop economic estimates of public values

How economics can further the success of ecological restoration

This work considered the relevance of applying economics to address 4 key challenges of ecological restoration: assessing social and economic benefits, estimating overall costs, project prioritization and selection, and long-term financing of restoration programs.

Wetland and Riparian Woodland Restoration Costs

Ecological Restoration, Vol. 21, No. 3, 2003 ISSN 1522-4740 E-ISSN 1543-4079 ©2003 by the Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System. Alocal non-profit recently asked us about the costs

Inclusion of costs in conservation planning depends on limited datasets and hopeful assumptions

  • P. Armsworth
  • Environmental Science
    Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences
  • 2014
A critically review the cost estimates on which claims of large efficiency savings when these costs are included are based, focusing on acquisition and management costs associated with terrestrial protected areas.

Hidden Costs of Passive Restoration

The first few years of tropical forest restoration can be expensive, especially when applied to expansive areas. In light of this, passive restoration has been recommended as a considerably cheaper

Cost‐effective ecological restoration

Ecological restoration is a multibillion dollar industry critical for improving degraded habitat. However, most restoration is conducted without clearly defined success measures or analysis of costs.

Estimating Wetland Restoration Costs in Southeastern North Dakota

Restoring native vegetation to wetlands embedded in previously cultivated lands can be extremely costly. While many researchers have evaluated diverse methods intended to restore wetlands quickly and