How many, what and why? Visual media statistics on smartphones and tablets


The focus of our research is on improving mobile image and video browsing interfaces. To get a better idea about real world mobile photo and video scenarios and to base our research on real world numbers we performed a survey of photo and video usage on smartphones and tablets. In an online survey we asked 215 participants of the German speaking region about their mobile image collections, their usage patterns, and their motives and intentions when capturing photos. Our results show, among other things, that users store considerable more photos on smartphones than on tablets, that the majority of our participants use their smartphone as primary camera and that users are unlikely to organize their photos on their mobile devices in any way. Moreover, the most popular motives are people, holiday photos, events, and landscapes. Furthermore, it is more popular to capture photos for private than for sharing purposes. We also report about various correlation hypothesis that we tested in the gathered data.

DOI: 10.1109/ICMEW.2015.7169868

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