How long for epilepsy remission in the ILAE definition?

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@article{Fisher2017HowLF, title={How long for epilepsy remission in the ILAE definition?}, author={Robert S. Fisher and Carlos A Acevedo and Alexis A. Arzimanoglou and Alicia Bogacz and J. Helen Cross and Christian Erich Elger and Jerome Engel and Lars Forsgren and Jacqueline French and D C Hesdorffer and Byung-in Lee and Gary W. Mathern and Solomon L Mosh{\'e} and Emilio Perucca and Ingrid E. Scheffer and Torbjōrn Tomson and Masako Watanabe and Samuel Wiebe}, journal={Epilepsia}, year={2017}, volume={58 8}, pages={1486-1487} }