How long can we keep doing more with less?


As demands on information technology staff increase year after year, a few of us have been fortunate enough to experience much-needed expansion of our information technology staff and associated resources. Most of us in university and college information technology services, however, find ourselves forced to do more with a constant or decreasing budget. My group currently supports twice as many computers as it did four years ago and offers a wider variety of services and better quality service, all with fewer staff. How are we managing to do this? What have been the keys to our success, and where are future opportunities and challenges? Can these productivity increases continue forever? This paper and presentation detail ways in which a small staff of information technology professionals can improve and increase service with constant or decreasing resources, including: <ul><li>Establishment and enforcement of support policies</li><li>Automation or elimination of repetitive tasks</li><li>Better support through problem prevention</li><li>Merging of resources with other departments or programs</li><li>Trading work with your customers</li><li>Remote administration</li><li>Sharing ideas with and stealing ideas from colleagues around the world</li></ul> I am optimistic. Although it always seems as if we have reached the limit of what we can support, a look back will make it clear that while we have always thought this, we have always found ways to improve and increase support. To continue along a path of increased productivity, however, it is imperative that we share information about best practices in information technology support.

DOI: 10.1145/1027802.1027833

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