How is myogenesis initiated in chordates?

  title={How is myogenesis initiated in chordates?},
  author={Leokadia Kiełb{\'o}wna and Izabela Jędrzejowska},
  journal={Folia biologica},
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Expression of transcriptor factors MyoD, Myf5, myogenin and MRF4 forms the basis of myogenesis. In Acrania, Pisces and Amphibia, as in Aves, myogenesis is initiated by MyoD. In Mammalia expression of Myf5 initiates myogenesis. Signal proteins Wnt and Shh induce the expression of genes encoding for MyoD or Myf5. In fishes and amphibians expression of MyoD starts in non-segmented mesoderm and then in myotomal cells. In birds and mammals expression of MyoD or Myf5 is initiated in the cells of the… CONTINUE READING