How far is Facebook from me? Facebook network infrastructure analysis

  title={How far is Facebook from me? Facebook network infrastructure analysis},
  author={R. Farahbakhsh and {\'A}ngel Cuevas and A. M. Ortiz and Xiao Han and N. Crespi},
  journal={IEEE Communications Magazine},
Facebook is today the most popular social network with more than one billion subscribers worldwide. [...] Key Method Toward this end, we have performed a measurement-based analysis during a period of two weeks using 463 Planet- Lab nodes distributed across 41 countries. Based on the obtained data we compare the average access delay that nodes in different countries experience accessing both native FB servers and Akamai nodes. In addition, we obtain a wide view of the deployment of Akamai nodes serving FB users…Expand
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  • W. Wongyai, L. Charoenwatana
  • Computer Science
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  • 2012
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