How experiential consumption moderates the effects of souvenir authenticity on behavioral intention through perceived value

  title={How experiential consumption moderates the effects of souvenir authenticity on behavioral intention through perceived value},
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Industrial tourism: moderating effects of commitment and readiness on the relationship between tourist experiences and perceived souvenir value
The purpose of this study is to propose that in-factory experiences transfer into souvenir evaluation, and the process is moderated by customers’ commitment and readiness cumulated in daily life.,The
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The relationship among food perceived value, memorable tourism experiences and behaviour intention: the case of the Macao food festival
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Exploring the role of intrinsic and extrinsic CSR attributes for customers’ positive behavioural intention in the hotel industry
Purpose Although the characterisation of intrinsic and extrinsic attribution is pervasive and important, this concept is yet to be explored in the corporate social responsibility (CSR) context.


Effects of Authenticity Perception, Hedonics, and Perceived Value on Ceramic Souvenir-Repurchasing Intention
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Relationships Among Perceived Value, Satisfaction, and Loyalty: Community-Based Ecotourism in Korea
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Tourist perceived value in a community-based homestay visit: An investigation into the functional and experiential aspect of value
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It is common to find so-called “local souvenirs” with labeling indicating a foreign manufacturer. A conceptual framework is advanced for exploring the impact of globalized authenticity on souvenir
Slow-food-seeking behaviour, authentic experience, and perceived slow value of a slow-life festival
This study examines the antecedents and consequences of perceived “slow” value in a structural model – specifically, the role authenticity plays for visitors who seek slow food and participate in