How does one study social science?

  title={How does one study social science?},
  author={Joseph Alois Schumpeter},
Revoir la gouvernance et la gestion des ressources humaines dans une perspective d’améliorer, voire d’enraciner les institutions d’études supérieures publiques malgaches dans le 21 siècle
Bien que l’education superieure malgache ne soit plus en phase de creation d’etablissements universitaires, elle fonctionne dans un contexte de gouvernance bureaucratique d’une extreme pauvrete et
Local People's Political Strength Supporting Dugderan Tradition
The Kauman community in the city of Semarang in Central Java province is known to have its own independence and political power to maintain their environment. The Kauman community, by its mean, tries
Order Book on Financial Networks
  • A. E. Biondo
  • Economics
    Network Theory and Agent-Based Modeling in Economics and Finance
  • 2019
This chapter presents results from a class of agent-based models describing a realistic financial order book, aiming to discuss some aspects related to market stability. Major empirical regularities
Order book microstructure and policies for financial stability
Purpose The purpose of this paper is twofold:- first, to introduce an innovative model of financial order book, less simplified than the existing literature and still able to replicate all
Conceptualising Social Value: Perspectives of the Public, Private and Third Sectors in the UK
In present times when economic recession has impacted all the countries in the world to some extent, different approaches have been adopted by governmental and non-governmental organisations to
Informative Contagion Dynamics in a Multilayer Network Model of Financial Markets
In this paper we present a multilayer network model with contagion dynamics which is able to simulate the spreading of information and the transactions phase of a typical financial market. A
How to see the world economy: statistics, maps, and Schumpeter's camera in the first age of globalization*
Abstract How we assess globalization is largely determined by how we see the world economy. This article follows a disagreement about how to see the world economy among economists in Germany and
Schumpeter as a diffusionist: a new interpretation of Schumpeter’s theory of socio-cultural evolution
Joseph A. Schumpeter’s theory of socio-cultural evolution has been widely studied. Many researchers have sought the origins of this theory in several sources, notably in the work of Karl Marx, in the
Invention and Development: Toward Schumpeter's early innovation theory
It has been the consensus among researchers that Schumpeter clearly distinguished the notions of innovation and invention, even neglecting the notion of invention in his work. Consequently, there has


The Economics and Sociology of Capitalism
The renowned economist Joseph A. Schumpeter (1883-1950) made seminal contributions not only to economic theory but also to sociology and economic history. His work is now attracting wide attention