How do uncoupling proteins uncouple?

  title={How do uncoupling proteins uncouple?},
  author={Keith D. Garlid and Martin Jabůrek and Petr Je{\vz}ek and Miroslav Varecha},
  journal={Biochimica et biophysica acta},
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According to the proton buffering model, introduced by Klingenberg, UCP1 conducts protons through a hydrophilic pathway lined with fatty acid head groups that buffer the protons as they move across the membrane. According to the fatty acid protonophore model, introduced by Garlid, UCPs do not conduct protons at all. Rather, like all members of this gene family, they are anion carriers. A variety of anions are transported, but the physiological substrates are fatty acid (FA) anions. Because the… CONTINUE READING